My New Discovery - Water !!!

I know lots of people have raved about this in the past but up until recently I haven't really thought that it would help much. Having naturally oily skin it is difficult to get rid of those annoying spots on my face. Since I have started drinking lots of water those spots have almost completely gone. My face also now has a nice natural healthy glow.

Some people that try this drinking water thing drink outrageous amounts a day and I can only imagine how many trips to the toilet this would cause. I personally didn't think that I would be able to commit to that big task, so I started out with a goal to drink one glass of water every time I walk into the kitchen. This is usually 4 - 5 times a day so it wasn't to difficult. I also carry around a medium sized water bottle when I am out and about.

I am so glad that I decided to drink water I have found that as well as the many health benefits, it has made be feel super energetic and just generally happy. If you haven't already tried this new craze please do and comment below tips to keep it up!



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