My Lush Addiction

Since I have moved into the city I have had a lot more opportunities to go shopping. When I lived in the countryside the closest mall was 45 minutes away. Me and my family would make that trip about once or twice a month so the availability of shopping was not very good. 

Now that I live in the city I can just catch a bus down to the mall. With this new form of transport now available to me I am able to look at all of the shops, try on everlasting clothes and smell all of the unusual and yummy smells coming out of Lush.

Previously I had not been exposed to the wonderful, glorious and sometimes a bit overwhelming smell of Lush. So I was amazed at all of the products and the ethics that this place had. At first I was a bit shy as of what to do in this shop but the cheerful  manager came over and helped me decide what I wanted to buy. I smelled numerous different bath bombs and bubble bars and finally settled on one.

I had the most magical bath and as my Birthday was coming up Lush was the main thing on my wishlist. After my birthday I had a heap of Lush stuff. I decided to keep them in my bedroom so that their combined scent would make my room smell delicious. I had many baths and since then have been addicted to Lush.

Just recently on one of my expeditions to the mall. I spent a little too much at Lush. I bought six things. 

I absolutely love these and can only imagine what colours the bath bombs will turn my bath! The Lip Service really makes my usually chapped lips soft and supple and the Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo Bar is great as well.

I hope to continue my addiction to Lush for a very long time as I like to try loads of new things! If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments. 

Here are the products and where you can buy them online: (from left to right)


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