A Little Bit About Me

Hi my name is Zoe and this is my, hopefully amazing, or just entertaining blog. I am going to post about what I am currently loving and what is happening in my life. I might also give some advice on things. 

Some of the things that I really love are Lush, Shopping and Netball. I have two sisters, one older and one younger. They are like my best friends even when I am not really enjoying being around them. We laugh lots and always have a great time. 

I live in New Zealand and it is so beautiful here. I love it so much but sometimes don't appreciate how lucky I am as much as I probably should. I used to live in the countryside and now live in the city. It was a very big change but I really love being so busy and it makes me feel very grown up.

I really hope you enjoy reading my blog or just like to laugh at the things I write.

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