The Truths of Living in the Southern Hemisphere in the Christmas Holidays!

As it is coming up to Christmas I have been looking back at past Christmas' and have come to realize that their are both perks and troubles of living in the Southern Hemisphere, specifically New Zealand, at Christmas time. I thought I would share 5 Perks and  5 Troubles with you!


1. It's always warm. 
In New Zealand December is almost the middle of summer which guarantees Christmas Day to be sunny and hot. I have never lived through any Christmas Day in New Zealand where it rains! This great weather is very helpful with celebrations!

2. Cold drinks are amazing! 

When you have been sitting out in the sun for hours on end and are given a Coca-Cola straight from the chilly bin, your face will light up. When I was little the chilly bin also served as a fun game of who can keep there hand submerged for the longest. Even as I get older this is an intriguing game!

3. End of the school year

In New Zealand Mid-December is the end of the school year. When I hear the last school bell ring my mind immediately switches from normal boring school thoughts to ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!! After that initial thought I am always so happy and cheerful.

4. Swimming

The hot sunny days are perfect swimming weather, whether it's in the pool or on the beach this popular activity is a great way to pass time until Christmas Eve. Some of my best holiday memories are swimming in the sea with my sisters and cousins!

5. Seating

I can not imagine the struggle of fitting all of the family inside on Christmas Day. In New Zealand the only place anyone will sit to eat is outside on deckchairs! 


1. Snow

Due to the impeccable weather it never snows. No snowman, no snowball fights and no wintry cozy atmosphere. I have always wondered what it is like to walk outside my house and feel the snow on my fingertips. That is why I have always wanted to travel to New York at Christmas time!

2. Santa

It is very unfortunate if you are in the mall dressed in a big red coat, warm pants and big black boots taking pictures with children,especially if underneath all of the layers you are sweating out in the 30 degrees weather. I have never had this experience and do not intend to!

3.Christmas Jumper

In the hot weather their is no need for jumpers. The beloved Christmas Jumpers that everyone wants to wear will only lead to overheating and sweating. The coziness of Christmas is taken away but the wish will still remain.

4. Christmas trees

Cutting down a tree in the middle of summer and expecting it to live for over a month is a big ask in New Zealand. If you don't want your tree to die in the first week you have to either care for it like your full time job or get a fake one. If you forget to water it too often your hopes of a vibrant green tree will be dashed to the ground :(

5. Hot Chocolate

In Summer Hot Chocolate isn't quite the drink everyone is wishing for. I love to have a good Hot Chocolate on a cold winter morning but at Christmas time i'm not so sure.

Although some parts of Christmas are better than others, without the Troubles or Perks Christmas wouldn't be what it is. No matter what the weather is like or what you are wearing Christmas is (in my opinion) and will always be the most fun and happy holiday of all!



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