Taylor Swift 1989 Review

Taylor Swift's new album 1989 has recently come out and now that I have had a little bit of time to listen to all of the songs I thought that I would share my thoughts with you.

I have really enjoyed listening to all of the songs and I struggle to find one that I don't like. I love the sound of the music although different to her older albums I think that she has evolved with her music and it still suits her style. 

Some of the songs that I am constantly singing in my head are - Wonderland, Wildest Dreams and Blank Space. They are all very catchy and both peaceful and exciting. I love Taylor Swift's music and this album is amazing. 

Her newest music video for Blank Space is really well made and I like how in the video parts of the song lyrics are telling the story as if it has been made for the video.

I really love this album and I think that it is one of her best. I hope that she goes on a 1989 tour  and comes to New Zealand because I would certainly be one of many sitting on their computer waiting for the tickets to be released. 

I hope this review has inspired you to listen to the whole album if you haven't already!



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